Unveiling the Rhythmic Magic: Palm Tree Music Festival Comes to India In 2023


The much-awaited Palm Tree Music Festival is finally making its Indian debut in November 2023. With numerous music festivals making landfall on Indian shores, the Palm Tree Music Festival is poised to become one of this year’s highlights. Scheduled as a three-day event in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the festival promises an exhilarating musical extravaganza. Dive into this blog as we provide you with all the latest updates on the Palm Tree Music Festival.

The Rise of Music Festivals in India

Music festivals in India have experienced exponential growth in recent years. Goa, often called the Vegas of India, has become a focal point for organizers, hosting annual shows that draw massive crowds. Prominent music festivals like Sunburn Festival and VH1 Supersonic have established their annual presence in India. Sunburn Festival takes place every December, marking the end of the year, while VH1 Supersonic captivates audiences in Goa and Pune around February.

In addition to these festivals, major record labels also organize pop-up shows across India. With renowned music festivals firmly establishing their presence, such as Ultra Music Festival’s “Road To Ultra” brand and EDC making its debut in 2017, the Indian music festival scene has witnessed remarkable growth. Last year, the debut of Lollapalooza further solidified this trend, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees. With the impending India debut of the Palm Tree Music Festival, the excitement continues to mount, promising an extraordinary experience for all.

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Palm Tree Music Festival: Overview

Co-founded by Kygo and Myles in 2020, the Palm Tree Music Festival brings the world of house music to the forefront. Kygo, known for his tropical house music productions, shares his passion for this genre through the festival. With a clear mission, the founders have positioned the Palm Tree Music Festival as a celebration of house music. This debut in India holds the potential to fulfill the void for house music enthusiasts across the country.

The Palm Tree Music Festival has previously graced various states in the USA, including California, Hamptons, and Colorado. International destinations such as Australia, Bali, Mexico, and Croatia have also witnessed the festival’s vibrant energy. The festival has introduced renowned artists like Sam Feldt, Calvin Harris, and Tiesto, providing fans and attendees with unforgettable performances.

Why You Should Be Excited For The Palm Tree Music Festival?

Historically, India’s festival lineups have been somewhat predictable, often featuring DJs like Afrojack and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. This repetition has led to a sense of monotony among Indian fans, longing for a fresh dance music experience. However, 2023 seems to be changing the landscape, with new artists expected to grace Indian stages. Recent announcements of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s India tour and Armin Van Burren’s four-city tour have injected new excitement. The trance music scene, once lacking, is finally gaining momentum.

Likewise, the absence of house music in India is set to change with the introduction of the Palm Tree Music Festival. Embracing Kygo’s vision, the festival is poised to feature a lineup of talented house music artists, promising an exceptional musical journey for Indian audiences.

Artist Lineup and Musical Diversity

Currently, the sole headliner announced via their social media account is Kygo. Having previously toured India in 2017, Kygo is set to grace the stage once again after a five-year hiatus. His signature tropical house music aligns perfectly with contemporary dance music trends. Anticipate further lineup announcements in the near future. Stay connected for updates as we strive to provide you with the latest information about the event.

Location and Venue

Scheduled to unfold from November 3rd to November 5th, 2023, the Palm Tree Music Festival will take place in Mumbai, Maharashtra. While the exact venues are yet to be disclosed, stay tuned for forthcoming details.

Ticketing and Packages

Although specific ticket and package categories are yet to be revealed, registration for the event is already open. Click on the link to register for the event and receive prompt notifications once ticket sales commence. We’ll keep you informed, so be sure to stay connected to this page for comprehensive updates on the Palm Tree Music Festival.


The arrival of the Palm Tree Music Festival heralds a fresh experience for the Indian audience. House music, which has been absent from the Indian scene for years, will finally find a home within this festival. This debut promises to deliver the house music experience that Indian enthusiasts have long awaited.

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