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Immerse yourself in the world of pulsating rhythms and electrifying beats as the renowned Belgian DJ duo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, gear up for their exhilarating India tour in 2023. Presented by Sunburn Festival, Asia’s leading music extravaganza, this tour promises to be a spectacular event for EDM enthusiasts across the nation.

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Revisited

Prepare to witness the sensational talents of Dimitri Vegas (Dimitri Thivaios) and Like Mike (Michael Thivaios), the dynamic duo set to grace India’s stages once again. Hailing from Belgium, they have secured their position as the world’s second top DJs. This time, they are embarking on a thrilling 4-city tour, hosted by Sunburn Festival, a platform that knows how to captivate audiences and create unforgettable memories. With an unmatched knack for delivering the ultimate crowd experience, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are all set to infuse the Indian EDM scene with their energetic vibes.

Know Your Artists – Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike

Dive into the world of EDM excellence with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, renowned for their electrifying DJ sets that leave audiences in awe. Having graced Indian stages previously, notably in 2016 with an unforgettable show in Hyderabad, the duo’s reputation precedes them. Their music, a blend of electronic and house elements, encapsulates the essence of pulsating nightlife. Awarded the title of world’s second DJ by DJ Mag in 2022, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are synonymous with energetic performances that truly light up the stage. Notably, they held the top DJ spot in 2019, showcasing their unparalleled talent. Their repertoire includes chart-toppers like “Mammoth,” “Tremor” featuring Martin Garrix, and “The Hum” alongside Ummet Ozcan, among others.

EDM in India: A Growing Phenomenon

Popularity of EDM in India

As the sun rises over the diverse landscapes of India, a sonic revolution known as Electronic Dance Music (EDM) continues to thrive. The nation’s cities are pulsating to the beats of different genres, with Goa’s shores resonating with Psytrance and various cities embracing the euphoria of Techno. Across the country, devoted fans rally behind their favorite artists, wielding banners and injecting boundless energy into each event. 2023 has proven to be a pivotal year for the Indian dance music scene, with a flurry of tour announcements keeping the momentum alive.

International Artists Visited India

This year has witnessed an influx of international EDM heavyweights gracing Indian stages. From the electrifying sounds of Hardwell, Alan Walker, and Boris Brejcha to the high-energy performances of Afrojack, the EDM wave has surged through the nation. The excitement continues with the impending arrival of Armin Van Buuren in October and the newly announced tour by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike in November. As the stage lights up with these global icons, the Indian EDM scene grows more vibrant and exhilarating.

The Exciting News: India Tour in November

Amidst this electrifying musical landscape, here comes the exhilarating announcement that EDM fans across India have eagerly awaited: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are all set to ignite stages once again this November. Collaborating with Sunburn Festival, the duo promises an unforgettable experience that will reverberate through the hearts of fans, both returning and new. Prepare to be swept away by the sonic waves, as Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike control the dance floor, moving us from left to right, just as they did in their remarkable 2019 performance.

Tour Dates and Cities

The tour dates and cities for this electrifying journey have been unveiled by Sunburn Festival on their official social media platforms. Mark your calendars for these unmissable dates:

  • November 23rd: Bengaluru
  • November 24th: Mumbai
  • November 25th: Hyderabad
  • November 26th: Chennai
  • November 27th: Delhi NCR

Check out this Instagram post for more information about this event.

Ticket Information and Booking

Tickets are already available on BookMyShow, your gateway to securing your spot at this unforgettable event. The ticket categories cater to various preferences, ensuring an experience that resonates with every fan:

  • General Access
  • VIP
  • Fanpit
  • The Stage (a brand-new category for the ultimate immersive experience)

For the most dedicated fans, “The Stage” category offers a chance to be up close with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, witnessing their magic behind the console. As confirmed Bassface members, we’ve secured VIP tickets that provide a central view of the stage, allowing us to bask in the glory of the duo’s crowd-controlling prowess and epic fireworks displays. Bringing friends along promises an unforgettable experience, with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s contagious energy making the night truly remarkable. Get your tickets today by clicking here.


As the autumn breeze sets in, bringing with it a refreshing chill, the stage is set for Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike to grace India once again. Their mesmerizing crowd work and electrifying performances underscore why they reign as world-class DJs. Early Bird tickets are vanishing swiftly, so don’t miss the chance to secure your spot before prices rise. While the supporting acts are yet to be unveiled, rest assured that our website will keep you updated with the latest information.

The anticipation is building, and we can hardly wait to see Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike command the stage in our hometown, Chennai. Join us in making memories that will resonate long after the last beat drops. Book your tickets now and get ready for an experience like no other!


Yes, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are brothers in real life. Their actual names are Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios. They are not only family but also work together as a successful DJ duo in the music industry.

Yes, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are still together. They continue to collaborate and perform as a DJ duo, sharing their music and energy with fans around the world.

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are currently in their early 40s. Dimitri was born in May 16, 1982, while Like Mike was born on December 3, 1985.

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are scheduled to perform in India this November. They will be bringing their electrifying music and energetic performances to fans in different cities during their India tour.

In 2023, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are all set to captivate audiences in multiple Indian cities. The tour includes Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi NCR.

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