Lost Frequencies Unites the World With His Latest EDM Offering

Lost Frequencies, the renowned Belgian DJ and producer, has released his highly-anticipated third album entitled “All Stand Together”. This album highlights Felix De Laet’s impeccable prowess in the electronic music scene, beginning with his successful 2016 album “Less Is More” and 2019’s “Alive And Feeling Fine”. This particular album is expected to build on his past successes, delivering electrifying and engaging tracks for his fans to revel in.

“All Stand Together” consists of 11 well-crafted tracks that display the artist’s newly evolved sound. Lost Frequencies collaborated with old and new partners to ensure that each song showcases a mix of feel-good electronica and dance-pop joviality, from “No Limit” featuring Zak Abel to the title track, “All Stand Together”. The latter serves as an anthem of unity and resilience which permeates throughout the album.

One track that especially stands out is “Dive” with Tom Gregory, an outstanding collaboration that highlights the beauty of two different artists coming together. Gregory’s vocals blend seamlessly with Lost Frequencies’ sound, and the two artists were destined for greatness together.

The album takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions with tracks like “Back to You” with Elley Duhé & X Ambassadors, and “The Feeling,” encompassing deep emotions. The two dance-centric tracks, “Leave You in the Past” with Netsky and “Just Wanna Know” with Declan J Donovan, add balance to the introspective exploration of Lost Frequencies. “Questions” with James Arthur and “Where Are You Now” featuring Calum Scott are great examples of how Lost Frequencies can weave emotive storytelling into his music. The album concludes with “Fall At Your Feet,” a fitting and poignant ending, and a testament to the power of collaboration.

“All Stand Together” showcases Lost Frequencies’ evolution as an artist, and it’s a must-listen for fans and newcomers looking to discover his unique sound and vision.

Listen to the full album “All Stand Together” Below:

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