Exploring MODAPIT: What You Need to Know

What is MODAPIT? It’s a mystery that has the music industry buzzing in anticipation of 2023. While the answer is still unknown, the context behind the MODAPIT project is undeniably intriguing. With the support of Thrive Music, NÛ Management, and 2+2 Management, MODAPIT reportedly has a rich history. What could it be?

It seems clear that MODAPIT is already receiving considerable backing from various sources, including the record labels of ACRAZE, Wuki, and NERVO, and the managers of SIDEPIECE, REZZ, and Zeds Dead – what an intriguing combination of influences!

The MODAPIT project certainly has quite the air of mystery surrounding it! With only a teaser video released so far, one can’t help but be filled with curiosity. But fear not, for on January 27th, the veil will be lifted with the next MODAPIT-related announcement! Until then, let us revel in the excitement of what is to come and enjoy the entrancing beats of dance music.

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