Be the First to Join the Armin Van Buuren’s All Access Community

Armin Van Buuren, one of the world’s best DJs, has announced he will be building his own community to help him get even closer to his fanbase. This is an exciting move for Armin and his fans alike, as it will allow them to connect even more deeply and share their love for Armin’s music. The community will be a great place for fans to build relationships and share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences about Armin and his music.

Armin is excited to announce the launch of his new fanbase community around Web3.0! This community is designed to bring together fans of the latest technology and provide them with a safe and secure space to connect, share ideas and collaborate. Armin has teamed up with RIK OOSTENBROEK, a renowned web 3.0 artist, to create an amazing community of people who are passionate about art, technology and innovation.

Previously, Armin has created his own Discord server to bring all his fans and collaborators together in one place. It’s a great way to connect with people from all around the world who are interested in Armin’s music and what he has to offer. Not only that, but it also gives his fans and collaborators a platform to discuss music, exchange ideas, and even share their own creations.

For just 0.16 ETH (roughly 16,000 Indian Rupees), you can now gain access to the amazing Armin All Access! You can stack them in 10 per wallet.

Head on to the Armin’s All Access page for more details.

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