Vintage Culture

    Vintage Culture

    Vintage Culture, known for his remixes of songs like “Blue Monday” by New Order and “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd, as well as his versions of “Bete Balanço” by Cazuza, has had a great ascent in the music industry. His unique sound has captured the attention of many, and his charming personality has made him a hit with fans all over the world.

    Vintage Culture has been making waves in the DJ world, appearing in #118 in the Top DJs list of British magazine DJ MAG in 2015 and #2 on the list of best Brazilian DJs House Mag. In 2016, he achieved the 54º position and in 2017, he climbed the rank up to hold the best position of his career, being considered the #31 best DJ of the year. Keep your eyes on this talented artist – he’s sure to keep impressing us in the years to come!

    Vintage Culture is not only a record company manager at Só Track Boa, but he is also a very charming man.